Dear friends, partners and token-holders,

Thanks for believing in us.

Since the start of the private and pre-sale we advertised using video-ads on Facebook. We were about to expand to Google/Youtube and Twitter, when Facebook introduced a ban on token-sales. Now that Google, Twitter and even Mailchimp have followed suit, we have to reinvent ourselves. We have to focus, for some time, on distribution and marketing of the token-sale instead of actually building a protocol, blockchain and dApps for the eSports community, which is our core competence. And this is what we are doing right now 24/7.

Every big generational company at some point in time faces an existential crisis. This is when things become hard and the wheat is separated from the chaff. Only true blockchain fanatics, true believers in the power of decentralisation, driven by a mission, stay the course.

You can rest assured that we are working very hard behind the scenes on building the backbone for a fair and transparent eSports industry.

On May 10th, 2018, we will release the final white paper, the token-sale information, strategy, a stronger team and advisors and a more focused and clear roadmap to execute on our mission.

All early investors will receive a substantial extra reward, which will be communicated privately.

The LEAP Team