LEAP will be issuing a full refund.

Dear token-holders, friends and partners,

The founder of LEAP, Ivan Georgiev, has decided not to proceed with the token sale. This makes continuing LEAP impossible. Over the past two months the majority of the LEAP team tried very hard to find a solution. We came close, but in the end were unable to come to an agreement.

That is why, Leap.Esports, a Cayman Islands exempted company, will issue a full refund, which will be paid gradually, since a part of the funds received during the private pre-sale was used to run the pre-sale and prepare the token sale.

If you have bought LEAP tokens, expect the first instalment of the refund within the coming 2 weeks.

If you have participated in the Bounty campaign, send an email to bounty@leap.gg.

If you have any questions, please contact us only via team@leap.gg.