The Leap Network

Leap offers access to thousands of concurrent viewers on live streaming platforms including and YouTube. For larger projects, Leap can partner with out of network streamers and personalities.

Advertising Solutions

Display your product via traditional video advertising on a variety of different platforms, each campaign targeted to relevant end users.

Affiliate Campaigns

Utilize Leap's network of content creators as an affiliate marketing network, getting your product or service in front of large audiences.

Product Marketing and Promotion

Debut new product via giveaways and promotions to grow mailing lists and following through Leap's network of creators and promoters.

Why Advertise on Streaming Platforms?

Reach 50% of Millennial Men

Twitch reaches half of American Millennial Men each month, 55% of all Twitch users are between 18-34

Relationship with Audience

Streamers have a deep connection to their audiences - this allows for effective promotions and partnerships

Deep Engagement

Live stream viewers watch 95 minutes per day on average, replacing traditional media viewing for younger audiences

Diverse Content

Twitch has over 290,000 active, high-level streamers producing content ranging from eSports to creating art

Interested in Advertising via Live Streaming?

Let Leap take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. We pre-screen dozens of personalities for each campaign to reach relevant and engaged audiences.

We work with businesses of all sizes to promote products and brands to live streaming communities.