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Leap has relationships with dozens of brands and companies that are eager to sponsor digital personalities of all categories

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Leap matches you to relevant and quality advertisers

Complimentary Management

Leap provides business management to all partners

Free Products and Services

Advertisers provide products, services, and trips

Tools for the Entire Journey

If you are just starting or growing quickly, we are here

How Leap Works

Leap partners with content creators and brands to facilitate sponsorships while providing complimentary business services to growing creators.

No! Leap is a full-service business management agency. These types of services have previously been reserved for only the largest content creators. All business services are available to any creator accepted into the platform free of charge. Leap retains a small portion of each sponsorship deal and other revenue. We do not make any money unless you do! Leap does not take any of your outside revenue

There are no formal requirements for applying to Leap – each application is reviewed independently. Generally, we look for active content creators who post at least ten (10) times per calendar month. Our content creators generally have amassed a following of 10,000 followers

Content Creators using the Leap platform have no requirements outside listing Leap’s business contact email on your profile. Content producers are free to engage in as much or as little monetization and promotion as they wish.

Other questions? Email us: [email protected]

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